Arda Turan retires from international football after alleged attack on Journalists

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The 30-year old midfielder has decided to end his international career after a heated confrontation with a journalist.

Arda Turan was travelling with his national team on a flight back from their clash against Macedonia and had an encounter with a journalist named Bilal Mese. The Barcelona midfielder was fuming with the fact that the journalist was on the same plane, Arda is said to have grabbed him by the throat and shouted at him.

It was later known that the clash was related to the reports which claim that there was a dispute between the senior player and the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) relating to the bonuses that they were supposed to receive after clearing the Qualifiers of Euro 2016.

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The 30-year-old slammed the press through his Instagram account, hitting out at the media who write “lies, slander and ignore people’s dignity and family values”.

Later on Tuesday, however, he revealed that his time with the national team is over.

“Bad things happened last night. But am I regretful? No. Now I feel at ease,” he said. “I talked with our coach and president of the Federation and said that I want to leave national team. I said that I don’t want to play against Kosovo.”

He also added

“I’ll always give the same response to those who put out such false news. I’ve never forgotten what it did to us.
“I speak as a man who serves the national team in all categories, loves his country and jersey. My national team career is over.”

The former Atletico man has played 97 times for Turkey’s senior team after making debut in August 2016 against Luxembourg. Turan was one of the senior players in that Turkish team and only time will tell whether they feel his absence on the pitch or not.