Annoyed Sony Norde leaves India after not being paid

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Mohun Bagan’s Haitian ‘Magician’ Sony Norde is returning to his homeland after a long time. But before leaving India, he has raised a serious issue on which AIFF and it’s Tournament Committee must pay attention.

According to Norde he is yet to receive a single rupee of the prize money that he has won in I-League, Federation Cup and other tournaments over the last couple of years. The Haitian winger previously also hinted about the issue but his annoyance was never so prominent.

Norde said,

“I have not received any money. Last year I became best player of the tournament and this year also. I was also the best player in the Federation Cup. But I have not got a single rupee.”!

“This is not my responsibility. The sponsors will give the prize money to the Federation or the clubs. I will get my amount from there. They will give when they will think it’s time to give. I’ll not talk to anyone on this issue. I will now return to my home and spend time with my family.”, he added.

Sony Norde won numerous ‘Man of the match’ and ‘Man of the Tournament’ awards during his tenure with Bagan in Indian football. But deprivation from any money reflects the lack of communication between the sponsors and AIFF.

If Norde has not got the amount, it implies that other footballers would also have the similar sort of complaints. After every match it has become mandatory to telecast the Prize giving ceremony in AIFF authorised tournaments infront of banners highlighting the name of the sponsors. A big dummy check showing the amount is also handed to the player by a guest.

But if the players are not getting a single penny from this, then it has to be taken note of and investigated thoroughly. If Sony’s statements are legitimate then it becomes a serious allegation as it implies to usage of the players’ image for promoting the brand without paying him the gratitude.

Norde said at the end,

“If they give me the prize money then that is OK, otherwise what can I say!”.

AIFF should take note of this whole issue and urge the sponsors to do what is necessary at this moment. Otherwise, this carries the merit to be categorised as a ‘Mini-scam’ based on fraud, if it proves true.