The ticket sells of U17 WC sending signs of worry

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The six venues which are going to host the first FIFA event in the history of India are Delhi, Goa, Kolkata, Mumbai, Guwahati and Kochi.

Although there were issues regarding the under-prepared infrastructure at Kochi and environmental issues in Delhi, both the cities got the nod by FIFA as hosts alongside the other four cities. The venues were selected based upon their following of the game, availability of stadiums and population.

The ticket sell of the event started amidst much hype as it was initiated by Spain’s World Cup winning defender and Barca legend Carles Puyol. There were many other promotional events that FIFA in collaboration with AIFF organized to boost the ticket sells.

But except Kolkata and Guwahati, the picture of the ticket sell is not satisfactory in some parts of the land. The situation of Goa and Delhi are highly concerning as the ticket sells of Phase 1 has been minimal in this two venues.

The latest update of U17 WC Ticket sell (Phase I)
●Delhi: 850 tickets sold
●Goa: 200 tickets sold
●Kolkata: Sold out
●Guwahati: Sold out
●Kochi: 60% sold
●Mumbai: Category 1 ticket sold. Category 2 and 3 available.

Although Kolkata and Guwahati have shown their following and Kochi is also expected to be full house, the status of ticket sells in Delhi and Goa has made the eyebrows of the organisers rise.

Goa, which is considered to be an important centre of football in the country has recently shown lack of attendance even in big games. The attendance in the AFC U16 championship and Santosh Trophy has been dismal. On the other hand, the capital city is speculated to be getting the group matches of India, and in that case the ticket sells may take a hike.

But at the moment, ahead of the Phase 2 ticket sells, the scenario is not creating an aura of optimism atleast for some cities.