The profit of Sevens football in Malabar reflects the potential of football in India

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The Sevens football season in Malabar has ended just a few days ago amidst unscaled hypes. Kerala, one of the epi-centres of Indian football has an uncanny love affair to the Sevens football that a stranger to this part of India will find hard to fathom.

The season ended with Al Madeena emerging victorious and ending the season as the most successful side lifting 14 titles besides numerous runners-up trophies. The Black and White and Mediguard both finished with 6 trophies each while favourites FIFA Manjeri could only seal the deal four times this season.

With the likes of VP Suhair, Mohammad Rafi, Anas Edathodika and many other prominent names in action alongside superstars of yesteryears, the Sevens reflected the crazy following of the sport in this part of the land.

But what has attracted spotlights is the financial aspect of the Sevens in recent times. According to reports in Malabari India, the tournament has seen a net profit of around 20 Lacs!

Ticket collection: 35 Lakhs
Season ticket: 7.71 Lakhs
Net profit: 19.71 Lakhs
(All in INR)

It maybe a modest outcome compared to tournaments of larger dimensions, but the figures are staggering for a medium sized tournament in Wandoor, Malappuram.

The figures beside reflecting the mass following of the sport in Kerala, has also given an indication of the scope of football marketting in this part of the country and South India as a whole.

With a proper management and marketting team functioning under a practical plan can do wonders for Indian football if AIFF in collaboration with the local and state bodies utilises the fandom of the people of this part of the world.

The figures of the profit of Malabar Sevens football although maybe meagre compared to some professional tournaments, but it really carries the potential to be an eye-opener for football administrators in India in near future.