I-League finds place in the cover page of Sports Illustrated India

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Amidst the glitz and glamour of cricket, in India all the other sports remain eclipsed always. Football is not any exception as it has played the secondary role to the game of bat and ball for over half a century.

Although recent developments of football both on and off the field and the arrival of U17 World Cup in the biggest democracy in the world has lifted people’s inclination towards the game offlate.

In and country where all the media, magazines remain dominated by cricketing news and cricketers, any other sport featuring in the fore-front is more than an exception. But that’s what has happened recently which gives an indication that football is growing in this part of the world slowly and silently.

The Indian version of ‘Sports Illustrated’, the most popular Sports Magazine in the globe has had I-League featuring in their cover page, much to the surprise and delight of the Indian football fraternity simultaneously.

The cover page of the June version of Sports Illustrated India is having a picture of the players of different I-League clubs. The magazine has also paid much attention to the league in their content and has made a sensible analysis of Aizawl’s fairy-tale campaign in the league.

Although, the numbers are minimal still it creates an aura of optimism to find football attaining attention of big media houses of the land more than ever before.