Premier League unveils new match ball for the 2017-18 season

Photo: Premier League
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Premier League have unveiled the Nike Ordem V as the official match ball for the 2017-18 season.

Ordem V marks Nike’s 18th season as official match ball supplier since taking over from Mitre at the turn of the century. The new ball is also slated to be used in La Liga and Serie A.

Ordem is claimed to be a performance-orientated piece of work. Its unique construction distributes the pressure evenly across the ball to ensure a more accurate strike. The Aerotrac grooves in the surface help ensure a stable flight through the air which benefits the goalkeepers while receiving the ball.

In addition to that its Distorted Motion Graphic, printed on to the surface using a 3D ink help create a textured feel for enhanced grip and feel and helps players catch sight of the ball quicker.

Youngsters who took part in the Premier League Kicks programme (a community programme aimed at popularising football among kids) were given the honour of trying the new ball by Nike.

The new match ball will be available for sale on Nike’s official website from June 5 onwards.