ISL franchise Kolkata to part ways with Atletico de Madrid

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The parting ways of Atletico de Madrid and Kolkata franchise of ISL is seemingly just matter of time.

The officials are yet reluctant to issue any statement on this issue as they are having contract with the Spanish club till June. According to a leading official of the franchise, they will take the final decision after attending the all-party meeting at Kuala Lumpur on 7th June.


Photo: ISL

The relation between the officials of Kolkata and Atletico Madrid has been dipping gradually from last season. From players selection to manager’s role, they have had different thinking in almost all activities. ATM did not like the idea of potential I-League and ISL merger. The local officials also did not prefer the motive of Atletico Madrid to get involved in all the proceedings of the franchise.

As a consequence, the renewal of the contract between the franchise and ATM seems highly unlikely. But the officials of the two time ISL champions are not sitting idle. They have already approached English giants Liverpool FC and Tottenham Hotspur.

The co-owner of the franchise Sourav Ganguly is currently in England as a commentator for a sports channel in ICC Champions Trophy cricket. He is in contact with the management of the two historical British clubs.

According to sources, the talks have proceded to a great extent. Another official of the ISL outfit is also currently in Europe and may also join Sourav if any meeting is scheduled in between the concerned parties. If the Kolkata franchise can struck a deal with Liverpool or Spurs then it could prove to be a big boost not only for the franchise but for ISL and Indian football as a whole.

If the parting ways between Atletico de Madrid and Kolkata do happen, then the franchise would also undergo a change in its name and kits also. Although, the officials are denying to make any comments on this whole scenario but a new chapter in the history of the franchise is seemingly awaiting on the horizon.