Emeka Ezeugo raises voice on Nigeria’s social rift

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Nigeria is a land of diversity. From linguistic, ethnic, physical and multiple other aspects, the subconsciously prominent rift among the masses is prominent.

The country is home to two of the largest ethnic groups in Africa-the Igbos and the Yorubas. The Igbos are inhabitants of mainly the South-eastern part of Nigeria known as ‘Igboland’ while the South-western region of the country has a predominance of the Yoruba group and is often called the ‘Yorubaland’. They are also found in Benin, Togo and other nearby lands.

The cultural, ethnic rift between these two groups have been historically documented and exists in the Nigerian society till date with prominence. But when a member of the land having International recognition raises voice on the issue then the topic gets heated up and also attracts spotlight from global media.

Emeka Ezeugo, the ex-Nigerian international footballer has expressed his views in social media on this issue of Nigeria’s cultural and social rift. The defender is a prominent name in Indian subcontinent having been a player of the ‘Three Giants’ of Kolkata Football during the eighties and the nineties. Ezeugo had stint in prominent European clubs like Budapest Honved and also represented the nation in ’94 FIFA World Cup.

Emeka wrote on his timeline one day ago,

” AM SICK & TIRED OF PLAYING THE VICTIM & NEVER THE VICTOR.We never went to Egypt like Joseph and entire Israel his father (like Jacob’s entire family) did, we are no sojourners, Nigeria is our homeland, quit being wimps and do the politics that takes place even in every family. Politics is an integral part of our existence so partake and quit playing the victim always, only wimps behave that way. No one compelled you to stay apolitical, it’s a choice you made by yourself. Who are Hausa-Fulanis & Yorubas to frighten the shit outta Igbos? Am so ashamed of being Igbo when I hear all these whining, moaning, complaining, crying blue murder since 1960 and bleeding marginalization always. Let’s do something amazing, we are way better than the boring victims we have been for more than 50 years. Igbos have been crying marginalization before I was born. Let’s try something fresh.”

The above statement by Ezeugo has automatically attracted critics from all sphere but the former.