Alvito and Duley in Kerala scouting for East Bengal

Alvito and Duley in Kerala scouting for East Bengal. Photo: AIFF
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Alvito D’Cunha and Sashthi Duley, whenever these two names are uttered at the same time, the first thing that comes in the mind of every East Bengal fan is the night of the ASEAN glory and their heroics against the Thai giants. But at the moment, the duo is at Kerala, busy in scouting talents for the Red and Gold, a news that may raise the eyebrows of many East Bengalians.

D’Cunha previously played the role of manager of the team the season before but it ended amidst dooming darkness and he left Kolkata after almost a decade being alleged by his own supporters of having been involved in backroom politics which took a toll of the team.

Duley on the other hand went much adrift from football after a premature end to his promising career being surrounded by several controversies from which he could never recover.

But one thing which stood common and still holds firm in both of them is the emotion to their beloved institution. And in a period when the club needs a complete modification from inside out, the club officials have relied upon the old war-horses to bring in the future torch-bearers of the institution.

Kerala has been always an epicentre of Indian football which has gifted the country some of its most brilliant players throughout decades. The Southest state of India has always been a cradle for football talents and the duo of Duley-D’Cunha is now busy in scouting in ‘God’s own country’.

According to sources they went to Kerala mainly to watch a player called Biju Allias Tuttu who plays for SBI. But the player has failed to impress the scouts.

Rather another name has got its entry in the notebook of Alvito and Sashthi, and the name of the boy is Joby Justin. Joby is a versatile player who mainly prefers playing as a striker but can also play in right-wing and right-back as well. The 24 year old Trivandrum lad first came into prominence in this year’s Santosh Trophy. Playing for Kerala he netted a brilliant hat-trick against Railways in the opening encounter of Group B winning plaudits from the football pundits.

Joby Justin was observed by the scouting duo in KPL where he played a pivotal role in taking his side KSEB to the semis of the tournament. IM Vijayan was also present in the occasion.

The scout duo has also enlisted some other names and the feedback will soon reach the officials, upon which it would be decided whether the CFL campaign of East Bengal will see some players from this part of the land featuring in the team.

After this, according to sources, Alvito D’Cunha is scheduled to go to Africa with Manoranjan Bhattacharya for scouting foreigners. But the visa and the other documents are yet to arrive. Besides, the Goan is also having his ‘C’ Level coaching licensing programme starting from 10th June which can also hinder him from accompanying Manoranjan to Africa.