Barcelona on the verge of signing two star midfielders

Photo: Getty Images
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Spanish giants Barcelona are planning to sign two-star midfielders in the next transfer window.

FC Barcelona is planning to bid on 2 star midfielders as their new coach Valverde thinks Barca’s midfield is slow, weak and not creative.

Barcelona’s new coach Valverde, who is expected to be unveiled as the new manager of Barcelona, has already started planning to improve his sides flaws as he is chasing Europe’s top midfielders to improve Barca’s creativity.

He is preparing to sign Ander Herrera of Manchester United and PSG’S Marco Verratti according to reports from sources.

Valverde has been showing his interest in Herrera from a long period of time and has been spotted praising the United midfielders ability to find the pass.

But chances of signing Herrera is a bit low for Barcelona as United boss Jose Mourinho did reveal that he won’t allow Herrera to leave United and is considering him as one of United midfield’s backbone.

Valverde is also planning to bid on PSG’s Marco Verratti, who can really be a great addition to Barcelona’s current style. But Verratti is happy at the French Capital and will be hoping to stay there for few more seasons.

If Barcelona could sign both Verratti and Herrera it would be a huge success and they will become stronger than their rivals especially Real Madrid with a powerfull overall balanced squad.