Juventus and Madrid to be allotted only 18K tickets each for the Cardiff Final

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With the two teams for the final in Cardiff being fixed, everyone’s eyes are currently on June the 3rd and many will become busy searching for the ticket selling details in the websites.

But Madrid and Juventus fans will surely not be happy coming to know that only 18,000 tickets will be alloted for them each. Around 6,000 tickets have already been sold and the remaining will be for sponsors, UEFA, Football Federations and teams who have participated in the tournament.



The Principality Stadium in the Welsh capital Cardiff will host the 2017 UEFA Champions League final. The stadium which was previously known as Millennium Stadium has a capacity of 74,500 but it will be brought down to 64,000 in the final for security purposes. The Welsh Rugby Union are the current owners of the venue with the Welsh National football team being one of the tenants. The stadium has previously hosted six FA Cup finals in a row from 2001 when Wembley was under reconstruction.

With both the finalists being fixed, UEFA will sit in a meeting on Thursday about the curriculum of the final with the officials of both the clubs and the local authority.



There are two airports nearby and according to reports in Marca the two teams will be arranged to land in separate airports.

The ticket prices of the final ranges from as affordable as 69 Euros to as high as 449 Euros.