Gerard Pique booed at Madrid Open tennis

Photo: Getty Images
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The story between the city of Madrid and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique is becoming darker day by day, be it football field or a tennis match.

The Catalan defender was present in the gallery of the Madrid Open to watch the match between Spanish David Ferrer and Mikhail Kukushkin. Although majority of the spectators were tennis fans but it did not have anything to do with harassing the World Cup winning centre-back for Spain.



The Madrid people kept on booing and jeering at him through the course of the match. They even poked fun at him occasionally bringing in personal issues. It got seriously heated up when the chair umpire had to halt a David Ferrer serve as things went too noisy for continuing a tennis match after Pique stood up.

Amidst this unexpected boo-ing, the Barca defender maintained his temper and did not respond to it and enjoyed the match. David Ferrer won it comfortably by 2-6, 6-4, 7-6.

The rift between Real Madrid and Gerard Pique is well documented. From occasional spats with Sergio Ramos to criticising Madrid for their policies, he encompasses it all attracting negative side of the Madrid fans more often than not. In the last El Classico at Santiago Bernabéu he was also the most boo-ed Barca player by far.



But this incident although unexpected, clarifies the dipping levels of temperature in the relation between the Catalan centre-back and the Spanish capital and proves that things have just gone too far.