Lionel Messi will extend his contract at Barcelona

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Lionel Messi will extend his contract at Barcelona said Barcelona Vice-president.

Barcelona Vice-president Jordi Mestre said in an interview that Lionel Messi’s contract extension is in its final stage as Messi has agreed to a £25m a year deal.



Messi has finally agreed on a contract extension ending speculations around his future at Barcelona.Jordi Mestre Vice- President of the Catalonian giants said in an interview that Messi’s £25m a year deal contract has been in the final stage.

The 29-year-old five-time Ballon d’Or winner has finally ended all rumours as he has agreed upon a new contract extension and he will be signing the papers on coming weeks according to Jordi Mestre.

“Messi’s contract renewal is on track. It’s in the final straight and in a few weeks there will be news.The truth is everything looks very good.”- he said in an interview.



The 29-year-old Argentine maestro is in great form this season and has made 47 appearance for Bareclona in which he has scored 50 and created 11 goals for his teammates.

This news of his contract renewal will probably put an end to the sleepless nights of many Barca faithfuls.