Renato Sanches not to become Bayern’s most expensive player?

Photo: Alexander Hassenstein/ Getty Images
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Bayern claim reports of £4m being owed to Benfica for Renato Sanches transfer are “False”.

Bayern Munich insists that reports of a £4million payment being owed to Benfica once the midfielder plays his 25th game for Bayern this season are totally “False”.



A report from Portugal previous week claimed that the German Giants need to pay the extra fee once Sanches plays his 25th game for the club.

The payment would have seen Renato’s worth reach £34m, breaking the club record transfer of Javi Martinez(£33m) from Athletic Bilbao in 2012.

But Bayern insists the claims area “False” and conjointly aforesaid they’ll not unleash any details concerning the contract of Renato Sanches.



A club statement from FC Bayern Munich – “On the media reports that FC Bayern Munich needs to pay an extra payment of £4million to his former club, Benfica, upon the ensuing look of Renato Sanches, FC Bayern makes clear: this story is fake,”.

“Nor is there is a payment due upon ensuing the performance of Renato Sanches in any later games. Additionally, FC Bayern won’t disclose any info concerning the contract.”

Portugal International Renato Sanches signed for Bayern last year for initial fee of £30m, though reports say his worth might reach the maximum amount as £67m thanks to some bonus clauses in his contract.



Bayern deputy Chairman Jan-Christian Dreesen last year on Renato’s transfer: “The transfer fee is £30million, and some bonus payments that might become due if to Illustrate the player is known as within the World Team of the Year or FIFA World Player of the Year.”

But currently because of the Statement from FC Bayern its clear reports of an extra payment of £4m are False, solely time can tell concerning his actual transfer clauses.