Leicester dream ended but can be reignited

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Neutrals would have loved the run of Leicester city while most of them are watching the other match of Real Madrid and Bayern. Dreams can be waken up immediately and in this case, Griezmann and Saul act as the villain of a dream.



Shakespeare has forged a great fighting spirit that was evident in the title winning side of Claudio Ranieri. So far Shakespeare has made the critics of Ranieri sacking very wrong and the players started giving in all their 100% for the current manager. Atletico Madrid did not win this game easily as many would have though because Leicester players were fighting for their life.

Jamie Vardy was again the fox in a farm scoring 61st goal and his another shot was blocked off which would set the thought of what would have been. Leicester faithful got all the rights to be angry and disappointed to see Chilwell, Ulloa and Ndidi parrying away their shot when they are so near. Imagine the scenes if Leicester won this match with 2 goals out of these 3 shots. It would have been such a beautiful sight to see a club r from the lower level of Championship jumping in the Semi Final of Champions League, sadly it was just a wishful thinking. Diego Simeone who handshakes the players after the game surely would have pleased there is another club who is playing almost the favourite El Loco way.



Faithful fans would certainly relish nights like this and honest opinion will be that it will be some time yet again for Leicester to feature in Champions League, let alone Quarter Final of it. What a beautiful feeling for Vardy who rose from the non-professional level, Wes Morgan, Huth and many others who are bottom level players who are rejects of many clubs fighting against Atletico Madrid.



Other than lucky friendlies or competition against players the likes of Griezmann, Oblak and Godin, they have given an amazing performance fighting against these world-class stars and found out that they are not as bad they are thinking. The road from here will be even better and motivated for Shakespeare and co. who will continue to make great stories in the English league. Who knows they can jump into Champions League immediately in next 5 years which no one can say they might not. Shakespeare is one of the rare managers who is having one of the best start in EPL’s history. With better cash prices as motivation and a great infrastructure in place, LEciester with the Thailand ownership certainly can try to constantly get lower level bargains and make them amazing stars.

One can justify that Leicester business model will be talked with the ranks of Ajax, Monaco and Southampton in future years and these can pave way for a constant top 6 challenge in the league. What the future holds for Leicester is one great question but the solid winning runs and stability so far has convinced the fans Leicester are here to stay.



Football players do give importance to medals and trophies, but memories like this will never fade away. These players are instant legends after they won the title, and now they are even sailing deeper into the deep legendary folklore achievements. Everyone connected to the club from the owner to the dishwasher of Leicester will definitely feel proud and from miles away, a man named Claudio Ranieri will never forget this amazing voyage with his counterparts and smiling in his own room with an Italian bread and coffee watching his team’s amazing achievement.