EL Clasico without the ball: The Twitter battle

Photo: Getty Images
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People say derbies are certain games which have its impact largely off the pitch. And now it has flowed violently on the social media.

Such parameters are usually taken by a club’s fan or ultras but nowadays, most unlikely as it seems, has extended its limbs toward players. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have always buzzed with critics but not so much concerning like the battle between two Spanish defenders or rather popular twitter fighters.



Recently, centre social media war between Barca centre back Gerad Pique and ideal positioned Madrid man, Sergio Ramos has taken up its height. What can be said? Yes, El Classico without the ball. Gerad Pique tweeted instantly after that controversial offside goal scored by Cristiano Ronaldo in the Champions league quarter final game against Bayern at Santiago Bernabeu. He produced no words but simply put three dots(…) exclaiming that it was a manipulated goal beyond his imagination. Pique’s tweet is not new as he has been found acting as a detonator on the games of Real and banging their critics.

That 3 dots(…) on his twitter page undoubtedly rifled angered inside Ramos’s mind. He plunged into another witty comment after their qualification in the semi-final of champions league. He tweeted,”He should rewind and look back to the PSG game and see if he thinks the same about the referees.”