Club tent turn into battle ground

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Yesterday supporters of East Bengal club of Kolkata protested in front of their club against poor form in the national league for 14years, defeat in prestigious Kolkata Derby and behaviour of club players and politics of club officials. They even confronted club coach, Trevor James Morgan whom they wanted to come back.

The anger of the supporters reached its extreme when goalkeeper T.P Rehneesh showed the middle finger to supporters. The supporters squatted in front of the players’ cars and also burnt hay figure of club officials. Defender Ivan Bukeneya and midfielder, Wedson Anselme were trying to calm the supporters but all their efforts were in vain.

Later Wedson told that it is doubtful that he will stay in the club in the next season despite he has signed a contract of 3years with the club. Seeing that the condition is getting out of control club President, Debabrata Sarkar came out and talked to the supporters. News spread that he was slapped by a supporter though it had not been confirmed. Later Debabrata Sarkar blamed the supporters indirectly by telling that the supporters wanted Morgan as coach.

He also supported the fans’ protest as he told that the fans have right to question the players and coach about such disastrous form. Rumours are that the protest was organised by a group of people close to the opposition party of President, EastbengalDebabrata Sarkar and Secretary Santosh Bhattacharya.

This is the second pEast Bengal fans against their own players and coaches since 2012 when they lost 4-1 to the Aryan club in Kolkata league. On that day the supporters forced the players to stay in the field for about 40minutes after the match and also spat on the players and coaches.