Will Cup glee be enough to cover up Red Devils’ continued declination?

Dutch legend Ruud Gullit has hailed Jose Mourinho's team management at Manchester United and even compared him with Sir Alex Ferguson. Photo: Getty Images
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Manchester United’s win of EFL Cup, Community Shield and chances of reigning in UEFA Euro League could be faded by their poor league performances.

It’s been 4 seasons of continuous poor performances from Manchester United in Premiere League since their managerial legend Sir Alex Ferguson had retired and no chance for them to be heroes this time too. The Red Devils are currently standing on 5th spot thanks to Arsenal’s defeats and draws in recent days who were on top of them once. Before that, United had been on 6th for a long time.



Even in this late season, when more or less 10 matches are remained to be played, United are struggling to find a way to crack into top 4 which could make a way for them as an entry to Champions League matches. Thanks to some poor performances from upper placed sides in last few matches, United still has a scope to make top four but with absence of star players is being felt badly, now it seems to be a hard target for them.

After sacking of Louis Van Gaal, who was manager of the club for 2 years following a disastrous season under David Moyes, Man United finally appointed star name Jose Mourinho to bring back fortune with the club. But it is likely to be clear that fortune favours the brave.



Mourinho, arriving at the club had made sensational move in transfer window by bringing names like Paul Pogba, Mkhitaryan and Ibrahimovic. But this strategy is a failure overall, only Ibrahimovic, who came on a free transfer is on his track. His doubles won the EFL final for United, even in Community Shield and Euro league Ibrahimovic is doing fine job. Mkhitaryan also made noise but injury and after injury form was his road block. Pogba is still trying to prove his worth till now.

United’s next cup game is against Anderlecht in Belgium which is expected to go for United ‘s favour, Manager Jose Mourinho is certainly expecting to bag this trophy too and he has expressed it widely. However he couldn’t ignore the Premiere league result.



“I’d prefer to win the Europa League because it gives us the same, Champions League football, but it gives us a trophy, prestige, a European Super Cup. But maybe we don’t win the Europa League. So we have to fight to try to finish fourth. It’s a massive victory for us.”, said Jose.

United’s next few matches are expected to be easy for them as point loss will be a threat to squad’s improvement in league, but there are also fixtures like facing Chelsea and Manchester City lately. Only UEFA Euro league win seems to be a way to qualify for Champions league, but will it really affect on others? The very best of England had been offered by United for once for a long time but now a days, United is fading and it’s high time for Mourinho to make some move special.



Mourinho has clearly insisted that United will fight for league win next season and with the trophies have to be remained and league win is a target so far, the players as well as coach will have lesser time to do every plan. However, the matches have to be played, but time will not come again. So far, so bad for United as now they look to fight with an enthusiasm.