Coutinho the replacement for Iniesta?

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Does Coutinho have what it takes to replace mighty Iniesta?

With Iniesta is getting older and there is a big void and pressure on Barcelona to replace Andres, it is evidently obvious that Barcelona trying to use their mojo reputation and the amigo Neymar’s influence to get Coutinho of Liverpool. Coutinho definitely would be featuring in the midfield as an advanced playmaker or can be a great rotational for Neymar or Messi in the forward role. Many could say that Arda Turan or Denis Suarez can do the same role but however, Arda Turan being linked with Arsenal and China clubs might leave anytime soon and Denis Suarez’s role been a not that important cog and always receive a fair share of criticism.



Coutinho ticks most of the need of an advanced playmaker needed for Barcelona and can share one of the best traits of Iniesta which is persistent forward runs. With his fellow friend Neymar, their interlink can cause severe damage on the left. Imagine them both dribbling and bamboozling the left wing area and causing distress for right-back even before the match gets the start. It is not a well-kept secret that Coutinho has great respect for Barcelona and Neymar too. Barcelona can offer an immediate chance for Coutinho to compete against Madrid stars and also the yearly title and besides that Coutinho also can dream to lift the Champions League faster or not sooner. In a recent interview, Coutinho shared that Neymar is vital for their country Brazil and their friendship ahs dated since a younger age. He also stressed that Neymar able to change the game easily and one of the inspiring leaders out there. Enough of the bromance, Coutinho, we all know you love Neymar.



With Liverpool having a good year all out and few roller coaster matches here and there, they still might get into top 4. Klopp as a fatherly figure for the players also manages to create a familiar surrounding for the players, thus making them more cohesive core unit who attack and defend together. It will take a lot of convincing talks for Coutinho and convince transfer budget to secure this Coutinho move.

Liverpool themselves blessed with large English TV deal money do not have the need to sell and will Coutinho leave his family and his fatherly figure, Klopp?



The truth will be bestowed upon us this summer! Watch this space.