Brazil 2002 and 2017

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How many Brazilians wish this day will come soon, which it did after 15 years. Watching a strong and complete Brazil team annihilating one of the best German teams totally will be still a wonderful memory for Samba fans. Brazil fortune changed ever since 2004 and they been a shadow of their greatest past.

Watching that strong and fast Roberto Carlos and Cafu defending and rampaging on both sides of the field, the strong leadership qualities in the backline of Lucio, Edmilson and Roque, and the compact midfield of Gilberto and Kleberson trying to make everything intact and secured. When we talk about Brazil, we always will be reminded by one of the best trio ever, other than Mighty Magyars(the 1950s), Cryuff-Neesken-Swart(Ajax 1970s) and even contemporary Messi-Neymar-Suarez. The best trio of R ever assembled for centuries probably is Ronaldo, Rivaldo, and Ronaldinho who have given such beauty to football and made many football fans love this Brazilian football other than the Brazilians.

With such vigorous attacking mode they always turn on and trying to play each other’s way into the goalmouth, they were so hard to defend against and certainly unplayable in that period. Not feeding more hypes or overexaggerate the achievement of current Brazil 2017 team, it is not an easy task to beat a fellow South American team at second place in the team. Moreover, it is not the result that made Brazilians fans overjoyed, it is how they emphatically won the match.

The current Brazil side has many more years to improve and get matured and although their technical ability not the best or on par as these trios, their effort, and discipline in defending can serve them very well in an International competition against other teams like France, Portugal, and Germany.



There are certain links of these two different Brazil sides. Let us have a comparison here between the two sides:


Brazil National Team in 2002

Brazil (2002) and Brazil (2017)
Marcos (Allison)
Cafu(Alves) – Lucio(Silva)- Roque(Marquinhos) – Edmilson(Miranda) – Carlos(Marcelo)
Gilberto (Paulinho/Casemiro) – Kleberson (Renato Augusto)
Rivaldo(Jesus) – Ronaldo(Neymar) – Ronaldinho(Coutinho/Barbosa)

WE can see what Tite is trying to do and what he have right now are an almost similar set of players who has formed many Brazil winning sides. For example, one could not disregard how Alves and Marcelo rampage the sideways like Cafu and Carlos. Paulinho, Renato, and  Casemiro do have a good sense of attacking and defending with a huge responsibility on their shoulders.



They do realise what the manager would love to see and want to see, not only conforming to the beauty football the Brazilians demand. Such amazing and beautiful current trio in national team side certainly will be none other than Brazilians young trios of 2 Gabriels(Jesus and Barbosa) and a leading captain who has amazing years ahead of him. We are not even talking about other choices like Firminho and Coutinho who can be easily added to the side other than flat 3 forwards with the manager can use a 2 forward line with an AMC in the central hole. One of the positions will be the weakest link for Brazil will be Allison(not to show any disrespect), but Allison has done a huge amazing work whenever he called upon which shows how good is Roma’s Goalkeeper options than the usual Madrid and Manchester United Goalkeeper options.



This 2017 side will continue to impress us in current time and also in future, and they will grow together as a cohesive core unit in the national side. One would not bet that these exciting Brazilian team will never win World Cup. As a Spanish fan myself, I do feel that Brazil team is quite well poised to win the World Cup 2018 certainly not as darkhorse, well they can go on as a favourite. Although there will be other harder teams along the pathway to World Cup glory, one could not perceive this Brazil team as constant failures. In that day, all the Brazil legends who won the World Cup will be present and watch their new country superstars lifting the World Cup for glorifying the sixth time.