The Reds are in for Kostas Manolas & Werner!

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Jurgen Klopp’s are keeping tabs on many players, but they’re scouting AS Roma man Kostas Manolas for now.The German coach is extremely impressed by Manolas’ performance in this season.
LFC scouts were watching him in many matches.The scouts were present when the Italian side was facing french side Olympique Lyonnais.The Reds are willing to offer Manolas a £75k/week.The defender is currently earning £25k/week in the Italian side & he has refused to sign a new contract also.
Manolas has missed only 8 games his career through injury, which is a very good health situation for an athlete.
The Reds are also keeping tabs on RB Leipzeig forward Timo Werner. The German forward has played 22 games & scored 14 goals for the German side in this season. The German forward looked promising, for that many team has scouted him but The Reds are the only team, who are watching him closely.
LFC Manager Jurgen Klopp is a big admirer of Timo Werner & wanted him on his team for the next season.Even, the forward himself urged that he wanted to go at LFC, but he said that indirectly on an interview.LFC’s forward Daniel Sturridge likely to leave in this summer.So, Werner could be a great replacement for the English Poacher. If both the players join the Reds then that should be a huge boost for the English side.Liverpool FC is likely to play in either UEFA CL or UEFA EL.So, that they’d need a good squad depth & these players will be helpful for that.