Arsene Wenger Facing Constant Digs by the Gooners

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Arsene Wenger- A Revolutionist In English Football Facing Constant Digs by the Gooners.

Arsene Wenger, a legendary manager and an era in himself who brought a revolution in England’s football is now experiencing constant criticism from supporters of his own club. Although some supporters still want him to stay but the majority is demanding his farewell. He has experienced a fantastic journey from an unsuccessful time at Nancy-Lorraine to becoming a prominent face of English Premier League.



When Arsene came in the summer of 1996, Arsenal he has experienced a fantastic journey from an unsuccessful time at Nancy-Lorraine to becoming a prominent face of English Premier League. When Arsene came in the summer of 1996, Arsenal was in a tumultuous situation. They had sacked their manager Bruce Rioch after just a year. Arsene Wenger, an unknown face in English football, first couldn’t obtain the trust of the Gunners.

The question in every Gunners’ lips was Arsene who? The first task of Arsene Wenger was to make the senior players of the team believe that they have a future in his team and to bring competition in the team. Unlike previous Arsenal managers, Arsene Wenger got the freedom to buy players of his own choice. He brought Patrick Viera and Remi Garde. Then he began his project of revolutionising Arsenal as well as English football. Firstly he stopped the drinking habit of English players.



At that time player used to drink casually together. Initially, Arsene allowed the players to have a pint of beer. Later they were forbidden to drink on days off and at player’s lounge. Arsene also brought a change in eating habit of players. He promoted pasta as pre-match dish and also introduced broccoli, boiled chicken in their diet.

Arsene Wenger was the pioneer in England of using optional vitamin injections and Creatine, which reduced fatigue and improved the stamina of the players. He banned junk food like Mars Bars. It was Arsene Wenger who appointed sports scientist and analyst for the first time in England. His next idea totally changed the ideals of the premier league and gave birth to today’s premier league. It was his idea that young overseas players could come to England in their formative years and thrive.



Before his time it was believed that overseas players won’t adapt to English football as they were physically not as strong and passed the ball more than running up and down. This idea was hacked off from its roots by Arsene as his three students- Nicolas Anelka, Patrick Vieira and later Cesc Fabregas conquered English Premier League. Although this policy reduced the chances of young local players but it gave the popularity which the premier league is enjoying still now. Wenger also contributed to the development of young players. His first priority is to help young players to develop than winning a trophy.

Though supporters are more fond of trophies but this policy helped in the development of many players like Ashley Cole, Fabregas, Wilshere, Coquelin, Bellerin, Fabianski etc. Arsene Wenger’s biggest contribution is perhaps the change in playing style of Arsenal. Once upon a time, Arsenal was known as boring Arsenal but under Wenger, they became one of the greatest entertainers of English football. Spectacular passes from spectacular players along with photocopy finish are Arsenal’s up today.



But the lack of silverwares has brought in huge rages among the Arsenal fan base and Arsene Wenger protests have intensified quite an awful lot. A 3-1 defeat to West Brom at the Hawthorns has added more misery to the Arsenal camp and the fans were left infuriated as the London-based outfit slipped to 6th position in the Premier League table.
Moments before kick-off at the Hawthorns, the Arsenal fans vented their frustration of teams` disastrous performance by flying a banner, which read “No Contract #Wenger Out”. Then after a few minutes, another banner was seen flying over the Hawthorns which read “In Arsene, we trust #RespectAW.” Notably, the fans are divided at the North London giants and now it’s up to the team management to make the final call before the next season starts.



So what is in store for the veteran Frenchman and the Gooners all over the world?
We might have to wait for a few more months to reach a penultimate result, but as the Arsenal fans section has got divided into two halves we might see few more dramatic incidents before the end of the season, and if Arsenal FC fails to deliver the performances expected from them, i.e a top 4 finish at the end of this season we might see a managerial change to take over the North London outfit .

So let us patiently wait till the end of this season, if there is anyone who is capable enough to carry forward Arsene Wenger`s legacy and fill in the big boots of the experienced gaffer.