Picture: Reuters

Arsenal Fans demanding Wenger’s resignation

Arsenal fans have lined up in front old Highbury stadium prior to Arsenal’s Champions league clash against Bayern Munich demanding Wenger’s resignation.

Fans came into the old Highbury stadium with Anti-Wenger banners and pluck cards, they all gathers in front of the stadium and started signing ‘We want Wenger out’ slogan.


This happened prior to Arsenal’s Champions League fixture against Bayern Munich at the Emirates Stadium on Monday. Fans are angry at Wenger and are asking for a new manager, fans were shouting with slogans including “Arsene Wenger, you’re killing our club”, ‘no new contract’ and also “stubborn, stale, clueless”.

Wenger has been the Club’s best manager but the lack of Premier League title win for 13 years has made fans angry causing them to ask for Wenger’s resignation.


Wenger will be running out of contract this Summer and the fans are demanding for Wenger’s exit this Summer. Few Sources suggest that Wenger will be getting a two-year contract extension at Arsenal.

Arsenal now sits at the sixth place in Premier League table, they have to play a great game to come back from 5-1 defeat against Bayern in the first leg.