Arsenal won’t sell Sanchez to another Premier League Club

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Arsenal will not be selling their star midfielder Alexis Sanchez to any other Premier League Club.

Sanchez is unhappy at Arsenal and is preparing to leave the club in the Summer, many Premier League clubs is showing interest in signing him. Today reports came that the Gunners won’t be selling him to another Premier League club as they don’t  want to repeat the history.



Sanchez is unsettled as he is not happy with the fact that Arsenal is not winning any trophies, he is frustrated and is looking for a move.

Premier League clubs including Chelsea, Manchester City are showing interest in signing him but Arsenal has revealed that they won’t be selling Sanchez to Premier League clubs.


Arsenal doesn’t want to repeat history as the last time when they sell Van Persie to Manchester United, Persie hit back on Arsenal by winning Premier League titles.

Van Persie become one of the key players for United and Arsenal was criticised a lot for selling him to the rivals, so Arsenal don’t want to repeat that but they will be selling him to clubs from other leagues.