Samsung Galaxy C9 Full Review

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Samsung Galaxy C9 Review, Get complete insight into Samsung’s new smartphone model Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro smartphone was launched in October 2016.It is one of the best smartphones that you can buy today, it is feature rich with 12% better performance and better battery life than any of its predecessors.


Samsung has always been known to come up with beautiful designs, the C9 Pro is no different.The C9 Pro is really slim and has a premium finish which makes it more comfortable for the users to handle.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Full Review

The C9 Pro is really a sexy model with the slim finish and beautiful curves which are carved well to satisfy our eyes and hands.It is lighter than other models and it has that charm which makes it look so sexy.

Samsung’s new Phablet is looking good from outside and did outperform our expectations with its well-finished body.The Samsung GGalaxy C9 Pro will be available in Black, Gold and Rose Gold.


Samsung C9 Pro has a 6-inch 1080p resolution display which outputs a 367ppi pixel density which is average considering the price tag on the model.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Full Review

The display is good and the touch is performing at the peak just as expected from Samsung models.Colours are looking bright, sharp and are adding more life to the images and Videos.

The C9 Pro comes with a better auto-brightness performance with the brightness going up to 680 Lux.It is difficult to navigate to the new Settings screen due to unorganised design.

It has a new scroll screenshot feature which allows you to take the screenshot of full content while scrolling down the content.


The phone has a 64GB of internal memory in which you get 38.6GB of usable space.You can expand the memory up to 256GB using a microSD card.

It is packed with a massive 6GB of LPDDR3 RAM which can power all your games.The OS consumes approximately 2GB of RAM and you will get 4GB of RAM free to use.

The RAM is performing well and will be enough for all our needs including Gamming etc.The RAM also outperformed our expectation as the phone never got stuck during our assessment.


Samsung has added a 1.95GHz (max frequency) Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 Octa-Core processor in the C9 PRO to power all the application.Samsung has clocked the cores to perform at the maximum frequency of 1.6 GHz, which is enough to run the phone smoothly.

The CPU will show you its real potential when you run all those heavy games, the Cores will be clocked at its max frequency and your apps will be running with rocket speed.

With all that performance we expect heat issue but it rarely reaches 40-degree celsius on 15 minutes of hardcore gaming in a 32-degree room.

Gaming Performance:

The phone scores high in the gaming performance as it outshines most of the Phablets in the market.The phone is not built for gaming but it doesn’t fail in that area too.

The C9 PRO will run all your hardcore games at 28fps on average and it rarely surpasses the 28fps mark when we tested with few high-end games.


The C9 Pro is packed with a 4000 mAh Battery to run your device, the battery is good with fast charging.The Battery lasted for one day and four hours without many bulk tasks.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Full Review

The Battery is good but isn’t the best considering the other parts of the model.It supports fast charging with 10-100% charge possible in just under an hour.


The camera’s in the C9 PRO is not the best considering the whole device, it doesn’t support 4K Video capturing and is especially weak in terms of low light performance.

Samsung Galaxy C9 Full Review

It has a 16-megapixel rear camera and a 16-megapixel selfie camera with f/1.9 aperture and dual-tone LED flash.The camera doesn’t perform well in low light condition and does not click the perfect picture that you expect from a Samsung model.


The Samsung C9 Pro is a good Phablet with really good featured. The overall design is good and has a really sharp display.

The C9 Pro is showing excellent results in performance,  has a good hardware paring to run all the applications.

When it comes to the Camera’s, it really does do much good for Samsung’s reputation as camera’s are not performing well and is not the best at this price tag.