Google and other search engines will ban Torrent completely

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Google and other search engines like Bing,Yahoo and many others will completely ban Torrent from their search result.

Google and other search engine heads and the representatives from the entertainment industry held a meeting and has decided to ban torrent from search result according to reports.

Government of United Kingdom proposed a plan to add certain codes to the search engine so that they wont display any illegal links including torrent.This plan has been discussed by the UK government,Search engine and representatives from entertainment world.

Google and other search engines will ban Torrent completely

They did an official conference and has decided to sign a deal by which allow the government to impose a code of practice on search engines, forcing them to deal with infringement.

They has decided to block all illegal links from by 1 June this year,this means that most of the torrent website which current serve illegal files will be blocked.


But there will be problem as the agreement is held between the UK government so we cannot conform that whether the site will be blocked world-wide or not.