Football fever embracing Malabar

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Malappuram and football has a long standing relation,whether its a local match or a professional game people comes out in numbers to watch the matches.Sevens tournaments across Malabar region is very famous for drawing large number of crowds to the stands. Though its a usual scene here, I am particularly taking your attention towards the finals of a sevens tournament held yesterday at Al Azhar ground Kottakkal, Malappuram.The Match was played between FIFA Manjeri and Black&White Kozhikiode.

a picture of over crowded gallery at kottakkal, Malappuram

Attendance figures had crosssed the expectations of the organisers, tickets were in much demand and so was the excitement of the match too. As you can see in the picture, the stands were over crowded and people were standing over the touch line covering the playing area of the field.There were possibility of postponing the match to another day because of the hostile nature of the crowd.Some how the organisers managed to conduct the finals.

Situation in the ground was uncontrollable as fans were flowing into the stands. From some close sources it was learnt that attendance figures were over 10k.The organisers and police found it difficult to manage the crowd. after several rounds of announcement the officials along with the cooperation of police managed to clear the fields and start the game.

Fans taking over the ground

The first half of the match ended in a goalless draw, as the teams battled neck and neck to have a firm grip on the game.Both teams had their moments to grab the lead, though they failed to find the back of the net.

An over crowded gallery

The second half of the match witnessed 4 goals, FIFA Manjeri took the lead in the early minutes of the second half through Kuttan. he extended the lead with his second goal few minutes later. Match was disturbed by the over  excitement of the fans after each goals , it took several minutes to restart the game after each goals. After restarting the game the crowd witnessed an epic come back of Black&white. Adebayor and kinsley’s strike in the dying minutes of the game helped Black&White to secure a draw.

Penalty Shootout for determining winners of the finals

In the exciting penalty shootout, FIFA Manjeri sealed off their victory over Black & White Kozhikode for 4-2. This is the second championship victory of FIFA Manjeri this season.