Barcelona unable to offer Lionel Messi a new contract

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Barcelona CEO Oscar Grau admits that they can’t offer Lionel Messi a new contract because of financial problems.

Barcelona CEO has openly admited that his club doesn’t have that financial strength to offer Messi a new deal.

Luis Suarez and Neymar have each signed new deals until 2021 but Messi’s contract runs out in 2018.Barcelona has 18 months to solve this problem.

Messi asked for a £825,000 a week deal

If Messi did not sign a new contract, he could leve for free.Barcelona don’t want that to happen and other big clubs are watching Messi’s situation at Barca.

“Barca can’t exceed 70 per cent of its budget on wages and therefore we have to make the numbers add up”-Grau said.

Oscar Grau

Messi is currently earning about €22m (£19m) per year after tax,while Neymar and Suarez’s salaries are about€25m (£21.6m).