Maradona criticises Cristiano Ronaldo

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Argentinian legend Diego Maradona said in an interview that the Portuguese super star Cristiano Ronaldo is not at his best and Napoli could play their Champions League last-16 tie against Real Madrid.

Maradona criticises Cristiano

Maradona said that the Real Madrid star is not at his form and is under performing considering his reputation.He also said that Napoli has a great chance to win against Real as most of Real’s super stars are not in form.

He criticise both Ronaldo and Real Madrid for their poor form,but Ronaldo has claimed the Champions League crown, Euro 2016 glory and a fourth Ballon d’Or this year.


Maradona believes a player with 23 goals in 22 appearances for club and country this season is not performing at the peak of his powers and has a lot to improve.