AIFF reveals plan to merger I-League with ISL by 2017

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AIFF (All India Football Federation) Plans to hold a longer league from next season onwards, as they plans to merge Indian Super League with the top tier league of India. AIFF general secretary Mr. Kushal Das spoke about the future plans.

“We are trying to restructure Indian football where the ISL will be longer. There will be League 1 and League 2. Next season everything will start after the Under-17 Cup, if everything works according to plan,” Das said.

Mr.Kushal Das speaking about the merger plans

“It is definitely a complicated matter but we have to come with a decision by February-March 2017. We have formed a task force with AFC with a representative from Fifa to help us guide on the issue,” he added.


The Main difficulty faced by AIFF is the opposition towards the new plans by the I-League clubs.The officials are confident that things will go as per plans.

“The problem is there are certain aspects of ISL or top leagues, that need to be followed. If you have seen the ISL the spectator attendance have been fantastic and again I know some of the clubs will object to that and some of the legacy clubs have not been able to create the fan base and that’s a fact. Hence, we are allowing them to participate in the next league, make a sustainable model for them, create a fan base and come up,” Das informed.

Also quality foreign ISL players, including Mumbai City FC marquee player Diego Forlan, have admitted that short leagues in India are more suited to players like him. “Some marquee players were telling me that they travel more than they train so it doesn’t make sense. They should be training and then play weekend matches, that’s the format worldwide. We will have to get those younger marquee players who are willing to play in India for a longer time,” he added