Chapecoense crowed as Copa Sudamericana champions

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Chapecoense has been crowned as the Copa Sudamericana champions after the horrific plane crash which took 71 lives.This was followed after Atletico Nacional request to crown Chapecoense as the Copa Sudamericana champions.

Chapecoense crowed as Copa Sudamericana champions
Atletico Nacional was to face Chapecoense in the final of the Copa Sudamericana champions but the horibble accident happend three days before the match killing many players and other officials.
“CONMEBOL’s Council has decided to declare Chapecoense as the champions of the 2016 edition of the Copa Sudamericana, as well as grant Atletico Nacional the extraordinary recognition of the ‘CONMEBOL Centenary Fair Play’ prize,” a statement released by the organisation read.

Chapecoense are to receive “all the sporting and economic prerogatives that this entails”, CONMEBOL confirmed.