Koeman says Lukaku will attract world’s biggest clubs

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Ronald Koeman says Lukaku will  atract big clubs with his performance and he said its thrilled to have a striker like him at front.

Romelu Lukaku already has seven goals in nine league games, well on track for a fifth straight campaign with 10 or more goals.

He is a big striker who will always generate interest from big clubs and from bigger clubs than Everton but the boy is 23 and he took the right decision to stay,” the Dutchman told.

Koeman says Lukaku will attract world's biggest clubs

“He can improve and he needs to improve. That’s good because it is very difficult to get a replacement for a player who compares to Romelu, maybe impossible.

“I was a little bit afraid to lose the player.”

“Maybe we will get the some problem next season. I read some stories in the press about January – no way, no way,” he said.

“Bayern Munich, Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona? He stays until the end of the season at least.

“OK, that needs to be the next step for him and then we as Evertonian people can be proud that he made that step, but let’s score goals. That’s the best answer he can give on the pitch.”