India to buy a technology to unlock any phone

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Indian government are preparing to buy a technology to unlock any phones and other devices which are encrypted with hard to crack Phones and other electronic devices with top-notch encryption.

The Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), the country’s premier forensic institute will buy the technology from an Israeli company that was sought out by US’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for unlocking a terrorist’s iPhone.

India to buy a technology to unlock any phone

“We are likely to have the technology within a month or so. India will become a global hub for cases where law enforcement is unable to break into phones,” said a senior FSL official.

The official said devices such as iPhones with operating systems iOS 8 and above are virtually impossible to break into without this technology.

Only FSLGandhinagar will have this technology. Requests for cracking encrypted devices from the country’s other forensic institutes will be entertained at a fee.