Thierry Henry says India is a Sleeping Football Giant

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Thierry Henry is the special guest of ISL and said that India is a Sleeping Football Giant.

Former French international forward Thierry Henry visited the ‘City of Joy‘, Kolkata on Tuesday and was impressed by what was on offer in his maiden trip to the Indian subcontinent.

Speaking on the lines of a promotional event, the Arsenal ‘invincible’ was honest in his observations on Indian football. “I won’t lie that I didn’t know (anything about Indian football). Since I’ve arrived (in India) everybody is telling me about how passionate you (Indians) are about the game. I have to be honest, I’ve noticed that”, said the 39 year old.

Presently an assistant to Belgium national team head coach Roberto Martinez, Henry spoke about how the youth of the country is geting attracted to the sport at a greater pace than it’s other contemporaries.

Thierry Henry says India is a Sleeping Football Giant

“From the past 10 to 15 years, you guys can see the games on TV. So what it does for the young generation and the one coming after, they can dream about it because they see the games. They can emulate action”, he commented.

“The game is going in the right direction from what I’ve been hearing. The guys are learning a bit earlier. It won’t happen just tomorrow as you can imagine, but it is heading in the right direction”, reassured the AS Monaco youth player.

Any other sport in India is liable to be compared to cricket in it’s popularity quotient and Henry too made an outline on the subject. He stated, “I know for example that here cricket is massive (in India) because that was always on TV and it was always a dream but now you see other sports and kids want to play other sports. We all know which is the number one sport (football) in the world. So why not?”

Thierry Henry says India is a Sleeping Football Giant

“I do think that if you have the right commitment, with the right coaches and with the right amount of work, anyone can perform. Look at Iceland and Costa Rica in the last World Cup. You need to work at it and work at it well”, Henry boosted Indian hopes in making it big in the footballing fraternity at large.

Henry made it clear that no approaches had been made to him to coach any ISL team. “No, and it’s too late also”, he clarified.