Zico would love to coach Indian National Team

Zico would love to coach Indian National Team
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Zico in a press conference said that he would love to coach Indian National Team.

The Selecao legend had formerly spoken a lot about Indian football and looks keen on the nation’s development in the sport. When asked if he would he accept if any offer to coach the national team was made from the All India Football Federation (AIFF), Zico answered.

”Of course I would love to accept the offer as I love to work with the youth for football development. I think (if offered), I can sit and talk about it,” he claimed.

The Brazilian claimed that he loves working and helping the young players in their game.

Zico would love to coach Indian National Team

”I love to work with the youth and teach them. You can ask players like Pranoy (Halder), (Thongkhosiem) Haokip and others how I helped them in their football through my coaching.”

Further, the Goan boss said he picks the best set of players from the squad to start a game, based on their performance and not age.

”For me, age is not a concern. It doesn’t matter if it’s 17 or 18, 30 or 35, I always look at them and put those on the ground that perform the best,” he justified.

Lastly, when asked to comment on India‘s achievement of jumping places on the FIFA rankings, Zico said,

”I am very happy to hear it. It is good to see it. I want to see much more Indians because India is a big country with so many people here. Hence, India deserve be in a very good position in the FIFA ranking,” he signed off.