Battlefield 1 Review

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The latest entry in the battlefield series is the best game of all time. The campaign is short, 4-5 hours but includes missions from different characters to present WW1 from different perspectives.

The multiplayer is a blast as always and with the addition of the operations mode, it is way better than bf4 and bf3. The map design, sound, lighting effects and dynamic weather pump life into this game.

The multiplayer is paced slower unlike it’s predecessors. The game has gone back to its root and instead of trying to become more cod like, the game has become what the original battlefield established.

The mechanics of game is way too good for any core gamer out there.

The Battlefield series has not been known for the quality of its single-player in recent years, so Battlefield 1’s campaign is a nice change of pace.

The way each story juggles charm and tragedy in equal measure helps humanize the war and the people that fought it with quiet, welcome restraint. Overly simplistic objectives hold it back from being the memorable saga it could be, but a strong sampling of some of Battlefield’s most defining elements — like objective capturing and vehicular warfare — make it, at the least, a worthy primer for multiplayer.

1. Splendid graphics
2. Good campaign
3. Detailed recreation of the world war
4. Music
5. New game modes

1. Minor bugs
2. Short campaign