Pique warns Pep Guardiola that no one can stop Lionel Messi

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Gerard Pique openly warns Pep Guardiola that no one from Manchester City can stop Lionel Messi.

Guardiola brings Manchester City to his old club tomorrow and Pique was blunt. Barcelona want to beat him, and virtually ensure themselves top spot in Group C.

If Barca wins the match they will open up a five-point gap at the top of Group C and will virtually assure themselves of first place.

Pique warns Pep Guardiola that no one can stop Lionel Messi

“Ask Pep Guardiola about Messi. He’s the best in the world. No doubt. He gives us a lot. No matter if he is 100 per cent or ten per cent because he is so different and so good. Just his presence on the pitch means a lot for us and sometimes for the other team.

“I see Leo in great shape. He only needs three minutes and makes you pay. Lionel is the best in history, you know I have huge respect. I’m very fond of him. We started together at 13.

“But Leo with Argentina, sometimes has not won.

“It’s not just him. It’s impossible to win with just one player. Very often he wins the game. He brings us a lot.

“There are times that it’s impossible to win on his own and the team needs to support him”-Pique said.

Pique warns Pep Guardiola that no one can stop Lionel Messi

Pique added-“Yes, these are big matches, when we need to give the most. We are playing a very different City to last year and the one that Pep is in charge of now and he is making a difference.

It’s a big challenge for us. They play very similarly to us we will try to use our weapons, keep possession and create chances.

“We are in this group to try and finish first to qualify. We need to win tomorrow to make a significant step in achieving that.

“Tomorrow’s game is a really important one. We will be almost qualified and City will be five points behind us.”

Under Guardiola Barcelona won 14 out of 19 trophies they contested in his four seasons in charge.

And Pique was his first signing from Manchester United for just over £3.5million.

who is better, Pep or current boss Luis Enrique?

“I think City is different from last year and from all the years they came here to play in Camp Nou with Manuel Pellegrini. Their style is different they pressure a lot high up.

“They play more or less the same style as us. Pep was here a lot of years and understands football the same way as us.”

Pique said when asked who is better, Pep or current boss Luis Enrique?-“It’s difficult to compare. If you compare the first season of each one both coaches we won the same titles. We won the Treble with both.

“When it comes to personal issues I also had a very good relationship with both. When Luis came in we came from the season under Tata Martino when we didn’t win anything and the team was not very motivated and Luis came and turned things around.

“Very similar to when Pep came after the last year of Frank Rijkaard and revived the team.”