Samsung suspend the production of the Galaxy Note 7

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Samsung has suspended the production of their model Galaxy Note 7 after a series of Battery Malfunction.

Earlier Samsung has recalled all the sold phones and replaced with new ones which has safer batteries according to the company.

But nothing seems to go right for Samsung as the new replaced ones are also having the same problems and reports says more that 10 cases of Malfunction are reported alone in USA.

Several carrier partnerReplaced Samsung Phone Melted in Hands for Samsung has said that they will no longer carry or sell Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Problems with replacements for the Note 7 model would create a new and potentially costly chapter to a global scandal which has hurt the reputation of the world’s biggest smartphone maker. It also could add new dangers for consumers.

AT&T, the No.2 U.S. wireless carrier, said on Sunday it will stop exchanging new Note 7 smartphones due to reports of fires from replacement devices that Samsung has said used safe batteries.

No.3 wireless carrier T-Mobile US said it was temporarily halting sales of new Note 7s as well as exchanges while Samsung investigated “multiple reports of issues” with its flagship device.

T-Mobile offered customers who brought in their Note 7s a $25 credit on their phone bill.

The halt in production is said to be in cooperation with safety regulators in the US, China, and Korea, according to reports.Samsung Electronics’ share price opened about 3% lower on Monday morning.