Celta Vigo beat Barcelona by 4-3

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Barcelona started the match in dominant fashion, and Neymar had a golden opportunity to give his team the lead minutes into the contest, firing a free-kick from a promising position off the wall.

The Brazil international functioned as the main playmaker in the attacking third, with Lionel Messi on the sideline. With Neymar pushing the team forward, Barcelona dominated the opening stages, although chances were few.

Celta Vigo beat Barcelona by 4-3

Sisto scored the first goal from Sergio Busquets mistake made the score line 1-0 Celta Vigo.

Barcelona suddenly started playing sloppy, careless football.

Aspas made it 2-0 for Celta Vigo as Barca defense was playing like kids on the ground.

Less than two minutes later, Wass fired a sharp cross into the box, and Mathieu accidentally pushed the ball into his own net to make the score 3-0.

Pique easily headed home an Iniesta cross to make the score 3-1 after half time.


The next man to score was Neymar as his penalty was perfect and there were no chance for Celta Vigo goalkeeper.

The score line was 3-2 Celta Vigo and Barcelona was starting to look awake and was playing at there tone.

Ter Stegen redeemed himself with a big save to deny Aspas after a poor intervention from Mathieu, but while the Catalans kept attacking, the goal effectively killed their momentum.

Gerard Pique scored again for Barcelona and making the score line 3-3.It was his first double for Barcelona.

Celta Vigo beat Barcelona by 4-3

But it was not a happy day for Barca as Hernandez scored a header and made it 4-3 Celta Vigo.

His goal was lucky as Ter Stegen collected a backpass from Jordi Alba and proceeded to chip an attempted pass straight against the head of Hernandez, who – along with a jubilant home crowd – could not believe his luck as the ball bounced in.