ISL Season 3 might be the last 3 month version of the league

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ISL  is kicking off its third season today at Guwahati today where North East United FC will face Kerala Blasters.

This season might be the final three month season as the authorities are planning for a longer season next year.

ISL Season 3 might be the last 3 month version of the league

The ISL and AIFFA are planning a small merge between ISL and I League.It wont be a merge as some of the I-league teams will be promoted to the ISL.

According to reports the promotion might be based on bidding and a new system will be adopted to improve the game in India.

The new system will have 3 tire system where ISL will be the top  league in the country.There wont be any relegation for ISL due to contract with the clubs but others will have relegation and promotion.

This system is criticized because of lack of relegation and promotion as this might harm the players attitude towards the game.

But the plan is not conformed and is under moderation,but we can conform much lengthy league next  season.

ISL is now ranked fourth in most attendance just after BPL,LA LIGA and BUNGESLEGA.

Some may question that most of the ISL fans are interested in the celebrity owners and the glamour quotient the league brings, as the very same game of football held a few days after the ISL would see empty stands.

What cannot be argued is that the ISL has, for all of its flaws, has created a market, got fans to attend matches, ensure that the engagement has grown sizeably and so has the money being invested by sponsors.

Football saw an investment of close to a Rs.50 crores before the advent of ISL, the number has gone up at least eight times since then

ISL would be run for a period of seven months with matches on the weekend and players being released for international duty as per FIFA calendar.