Apple Logging Your iMessage Contacts and Sharing Them

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Apple Logging Your iMessage Contacts and Sharing Them

Apple is not safe be careful.Reports suggest that Apple’s i Messange is not safe just like google’s Allo app.

They said that they wont be storing any information about the users or will not share or track the app users.

Apple Logging Your iMessage Contacts and Sharing Them

But all was a lie to attract the users as the app is storing all details.

They will store and will sent all details to the Law enforcement agencies  if asked by court.

A report in The Intercept goes into the technical details of what happens every time a user types a number into an iPhone for a text conversation.

According to the publication, the Messages app “contacts Apple servers to determine whether to route a given message over the ubiquitous SMS system or over Apple’s proprietary and more secure messaging network”.

This determination results in the green-coloured conversations for SMS and blue-coloured for iMessage chats, which should be familiar to every iPhone user by now.


When law enforcement presents us with a valid subpoena or court order, we provide the requested information if it is in our possession. Because iMessage is encrypted end-to-end, we do not have access to the contents of those communications-Apple said.

So we can say they might be storing all your data like your location,message,images and more.

Apple told they will be storing data for some time only after that interval tell will erase the data and will not be there.

But they did not specify the time or date so which should hope for small interval.

So Apple’s iMessage is also not fully end to end encryption where our personal details will be safe.