Google ALLO has weaker privacy protection

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Google ALLO has weaker privacy protection.

Google now holds on to the data unless users take active measures to stop it.

They said before that conversations within Allo would be only temporarily stored on its servers but now its not like that.

Google assistance is a feature that assist your chat.

For example if you are  chatting with you friend about food,

The app will sent local hotel list,food menu and more details without request.


Google claim that the chat details will be saved temporary in its server for better user interactions.

But now it isn’t the case as google might permanently store data and use it for google other products like ads etc.

Google’s support documents state that a user can opt to wipe their chat history.
But report says the firm was unable to clarify whether it had abandoned plans to delete chats without being prompted.
Allo itself handled privacy queries by providing a link to the Verge.

Allo  offer an Incognito mode – which encrypts the chats in a form that prevents the Assistant listening in or the authorities being able to get an copy – but this is not enabled by default.

We can’t conform that the Incognito mode is safe as google has not replied about the  feature.