The best new features in iOS 10 update

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Users can now write messages using their fingers directly onto a drawing area instead of a keyboard. This is a nice personal touch, and feels like passing along digital handwritten notes. The notes aren’t just sent as static images, the precise finger movements made when writing the note is recorded. This recording is played back from start to end when viewed.





The Digitamaxresdefaultl Touch is similar to the feature that lets you write out messages. Digital Touch seems to be made for the Apple Watch, considering the dimensions of the generated media. Users can scribble outmessages in this interface as well, but the animations don’t flow like real ink, instead there is a futuristic neon colour scheme where the leading edge is a white blur. The writing or drawing does play back the animations, but only in iOS 10 devices.



Every message bubble can be sent with another emotion bubble to provide additional context. These can be attached to any m
essage, including text and stickers. The img_2152interactive menu looks similar to the Like button used by Facebook. A heart, a thumbs up, a thumbs down, laughter, exclamations and a question mark are the available options that can be attacked to a sticker or text messages.
Stickers are the hot new feature for Messages. A sticker has an interactive menu similar to the Facebook Like button. Stickers can be slapped onto text bubbles, photos, and other stickers. This allows for the creation of compound stickers, and makes sticker use appear more diverse. The same sticker looks different because of the attached emotions, and makes stickers something more than the big brother of emoji. There is a sticker section in the iMessages App Store, which has on offer both sticker sets and emoji sets. There are stickers from Star Wars, Disney, Buzz Feed, Angry Birds and Marvel, among others.



There is an integrated functionality in messages that allows users to search for reaction images and videos. The search throws up mostly gifs, and these can be instantly sent through messages. This is useful for sending in emotions such as grinning, sadness, happiness or anger.
Long pressing the send button after typing in text brings up the Bubble and Screen Effects menu. The Bubble effects also impact the entire screen though. The Slam for example allows users to throw text bubbles onto the screen, shaking up the whole window when it lands. There are bubble options for Loud, Gentle and Invisible Ink.

The animations play out when the messages are delivered. Invisible ink shows a cloud of particles, till it is wiped with a finger to “reveal” the hidden image.

There is a dedicated iMessages App Store now. The store has apps and games on offer, along with stickers. While there are applications that use artificial intelligence in the store, there are no chatbots as yet, or maybe they are just not called chatbots. They are applications embedded in the conversational platform. Applications are available in various categories, including Entertainment, Food and Drink, Lifestyle, and Productivity.