ISL will be aggressive if made longer

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Andre Bikey, who Andre Bikeywill be found in the shades of FC Pune City in the current year’s Indian Super League (ISL) season, is anticipating to play in the ISL again .He believes that broadening the Leagues length as arranged, is crucial to the development of football in the nation.

“You can’t be the best by playing for three months,” Bikey told.”At present, on the off chance that you make the playoffs, you are playing 17 matches inside two months, and that is a lot of everything – playing time,reviving time and travel.

Different leagues around the world  have four or five matches in on month , but the ISL has right around nine matches in one month.”

“I think we as a whole developing year by year,” Bikey said of how he see  Indian football advance during his spell in India. “At the point when the league will be longer, it will turn out to be significantly more aggressive.”

“It is exceptionally concentrated, and is the same for Indian players and also for us. Nothing is delicate in the ISL.”